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Web Hosting and Space

January 3rd, 2009 | Posted by pftq in 42 | #
     At some point, you will have to switch to paid hosting if you want a truly functional website.  By then, you'll probably have figured out how to find some decent hosts (search on Google for starters).  I also list a few recommendations for paid hosts further down.

Free Website Hosting

1 ASP Host -Simply set up an account and you get about 100MB of free space.  Back when I used it, it was one of the few hosts that put nothing on your pages, allows folder structured-site, very generous.
Domain DLX - Looks strangely like 1 ASP Host and I've tried them both.  Well I guess you could have two accounts then if you wished.
Freewebs - Many people recommended freewebs back when I was learning.  The one thing I remembered was it never really allowed you to create your own site through FTP or anything similar - just modifying templates.  It was very restrictive and not something you want to stick to if you plan to get better at web-design (though for less serious users - it should be just fine).

Free Media Storage

The following may not allow websites, but they allow you to upload videos, pictures, etc to save you bandwidth on your free site if you wanted to.
Photobucket - Very generous space and easy to use for image uploading.  Lets you hotlink (embed directly) images onto your webpages or anywhere else you want to use them.
PutFile - Lets you upload multiple file types.  If I remember correctly, they even allowed you to create a homepage, but it's very limiting.
Rapidshare - Upload any type of file, but for a short duration before they're deleted.  Also very slow connection.

Paid Hosting

And if you ever get around to paying for a full host and service, here are a few recommendations depending on your needs.  A good site for further research is
MDDHosting - More expensive but very reliable, performance-oriented.  Very lightly packed servers, and the person running the company has a reputation for almost never sleeping.  I currently host with them and highly recommend their service if you're looking for quality.
Stablehost - Seems a bit newer but also has a very strong reputation in the community, similar to MDDHosting.
ServerPoint - Good for enterprise/dedicated solutions on Windows, if you're running a lot of applications remotely or doing a lot of heavy number crunching work.
Hostony - Good for cheap shared hosting with plenty of space.  I used them for quite some time before having to upgrade to a faster server.  Their support is pretty quick, but like with most shared hosting, there's a bit of luck involved in being put on a server not packed with too many users.
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