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July 22nd, 2007 | Posted by pftq in 42 | #

Learning Java in 24 hours, etc

  Resources for learning non-web languages like Java or C will be noted here.  The first non-web language I picked up was Java.  I normally list resources as I find them and in the order I use them.  Check out the Web Design resources for my actual pathway starting any programming/language at all through HTML, PHP, MySQL, and other web-related languages.
  If you come across other great resources, feel free to send them to me.


Sams Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours - Arguably the best programming tutorial I've seen; taught me more than any class ever would.  Very example driven, quick and gets to the meat of things.  It's Java, but the language is common enough that you'll basically know C and other languages as well after this.
One-Way NDA Template - For protecting (legally) what you create if you share it with someone.
Eclipse - A must-have for Java programming. The editor checks your code for errors, allows you to run them without compiling first, and includes a ton of other features.
Introduction to Java - A wiki with detailed Java information. It is however, incomplete; some pages may be blank.
Java API Specification - Sun Java's documentation and reference pages for coding.
Sun Java Tutorials - Sun Java's official documentation on learning to program, obviously worth a look.
DeepLearning4J - Most of the major deep learning algorithms compiled into easily accessible libraries.

C# (sharp)

CSharp Station - Gets you off the ground from installing the compiler to running a few pieces of code.
SQL in C# - Accessing SQL Server via C#.
Creating Plugins in C# - How to structure your program so that others can create .dll files that your program will automatically load.
Dot Net Perls - Handful of useful examples on classes and methods, good reference guide.
ANTS Profiler - Performance profilers to identify inefficient parts of your code as accurate as the line it's on.


Tutorial's Point Python Tutorial - Similar to Tizag for HTML/PHP/MySQL in layout.  Good examples and organization if you're modestly comfortable with programming already.
PyDev - How to run and debug Python scripts in Eclipse.


Univ. of Utah's Matlab Tutorial - Good examples to get a quick handle of the language.
Clarkson University Tutorial - A little more structured, less reference-ish but more complete information if you need it.


iOS Apps Using Swift - Open tutorial on using swift for iOS apps.


Splitting SQL TempDB to Multiple Files - Handy code snippet for splitting the tempdb file to different locations.
Recovering SQL Server From Suspect Mode - Steps to recover and rebuild corrupt files in your SQL database if it wakes up in Suspect Mode.

Generic Resources

Algorithms and Sorting Review - Good collection of notes for common sorting and algorithms.
Computing Standard Deviation in One Pass - Good approach to understand and generalize to other formulas where two passes of calculation are traditionally required.
Data Science Repository - Good summary of information and areas for reviewing data science.
Github Guide - Straightforward steps to get GitHub set up for terminal commands, etc without the bloat and GUI.
Heuristics for AI - Some common approaches to heuristics for a state/search type AI.
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