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Useful sites for schoolwork, english, math, and more!

 More than a few times I've had teachers at school who do not explain well enough or they make us memorize/study way too much. Many times, I've found other sites or links that definitely helped. I'll update this as I find more. Hopefully this helps out some of you. Feel free to share if you find any too! Smiley


Wikipedia - If you haven't come across this site by now, you're in for a nice surprise. You simply can't not ever use this site. Basically it is an encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to (but moderated/managed by higher ranked members of course), and it probably has all the topics you'll ever need from an encyclopedia.


GradeSaver - Summaries, analysis, and writing resources for books and essays.
MLA Citation Style - Examples and format for creating MLA Works Cited or bibliography page.
Rhyming Dictionary - Online rhyming dictionary to find end-rhymes and more.  Useful for writing prose and poetry.
Sparknotes - Summaries, guides, and analysis of books students are commonly required to read.
Turabian Footnote/Endnote Style - Examples and formatting for using footnotes.


Meaning of dx in Derivative and Integrals - Understanding what dx and dy actually mean in Calculus and what you can do to manipulate them; note the method shown is called "Non-Standard Analysis".

NCES Create a Graph - Great program for creating graph images (presentations, printouts...). You must have the data as a list already (no functions) and enter each one by one, but it works and has a number of features.

AP Statistics Practice Exam - Multiple choice practice questions and detailed answers for review.


AP Chemistry Resources - Practice tests for every chapter in Chemistry, as well as detailed explanations to help your prepare for tests (AP Exam).
Bond Angles and Shapes of Molecules - Very handy reference page for finding the shape and bond angles of a molecule based. Just select the number of atoms surrounding your central atom from the links. It even has drawings and graphics to help with diagrams.
Home-Made Engineering Paper, Front and Back - My chemistry teacher required homework be done on engineering paper. Sometimes the store sells out since everyone is trying to buy it for homework, or you just don't want to buy it. My teacher accepted printed versions (he thought it was real), so you might also find this useful.


Physics: An Introduction - Not really an introduction; it actually takes you through 32 chapters and topics, complete with online quizes, practice, and answers. Highly recommended for both regular and AP review.

U.S. Government

AP Government Review - Summaries of chapters in the AP Government curriculum as well as practice questions.


Chinese Character Dictionary - Online translator and dictionary. Accepts pinyin, English, and the actual characters.


Key Signature Table - Handy reference with keyboard diagrams for names of key signatures.  Good for non-musically educated people like me who would only be able to figure out key signature if given every note in that key. Tongue
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