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Things to Do

January 11th, 2007 | Posted by pftq in 42 | #
Bored? Need something to do? Just want to burn time? These are some "interesting" sites to check out... Feel free to send me more links to add! - Type a name into the addresses it gives you on the site and it'll display that name in the animation. Pretty neat. Here's an example with wow in the address:
Boxhead 2Play - Addicting 2-player stickman shooter game to kill time at school.
Crimson Room - Game that was being sent around way back in 2004-ish.  You are trapped in a room and must find your way out.  Creepier with sound on and in dark.
Google Fight - Compare two search phrases and watch them "fight" - winner is whoever has most hits or popularity on Google.
Grey - Curious flash game by Kevin McGrath with an interesting story.  Nothing flashy but just interesting. - Click on the button with your mouse . . . keep the button held down . . . just a little longer . . . well maybe for a long time . . .
iGod - An AI you can chat with, that pretends to be God. - An AI made to have a "chat" with. Pretty decent.
Wayback Machine - Site that archives pages from the internet so you can go "back in time" to see how websites looked years in the past.  The Wayback Machine itself is something I found out about when I first started using the internet, so for me, the site itself is something from that brings back memories.
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