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Tennis Notes

June 15th, 2018 | Posted by pftq in Random Stuff | #
Personal tennis notes for myself.  I am ambidextrous and play tennis with both hands (or two rackets), so I've had to come to my own conclusions on a lot of things.  I also trained initially under a coach who basically had me hit every shot with an extreme western grip for top spin, even on serves both hands (which results in inside-out slice serve, I think - not sure what it's called), so most advice I get has often not been helpful (especially things like suggesting *not* to use a western grip).

- Serve: Over-turn grip until racket faces down, but you're hitting with the side that faces up in a cupping action.  Aim straight down and lean/jump into serve.  Follow-through with racket facing out behind you in almost a bowing action.  Need to hit hard enough that the ball does not have a second bounce (except into the fence), but it should still spin enough to angle out to the side.
- Ground strokes: Hit as hard as you want without worrying about hitting out, as the top spin always keeps it in court.  Keep racket out in front to avoid hitting from behind, losing power.  Catch ball on rise or in air when you can, minimize swing and just windshield-wipe action on these occasions.  When given chance for full swing, use open stance and rise up into the ball to maximize spin.  Step with inside-foot (side w/ racket) to maximize angle to corner.  Aim down or just only use windshield-wipe action when moving forward into the ball, as you have enough momentum already and are just trying to make sure the ball goes over the net.
- Volleys/net: Still western grip (no matter what anyone else says), but catch the ball on side of racket facing you (or upwards) instead of the other side normally used.  Basically becomes an extreme eastern/continental grip without needing to actually change grip.  Avoid swinging and just do an ever so slight downward chip to drop-shot the ball.
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