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July 21st, 2012 | Posted by pftq in 42 | #

Rooting, restoring system apps, etc...

Below are some resources I found useful to clean out my phone and also repair when things go wrong.

Phone Apps

GPS Test - Fix GPS problems by going to settings and hitting "Clear AGPS".  I have no idea why this works but it fixed not being able to locate GPS on my Galaxy Nexus.
Juice Defender - For saving battery by automatically turning off 3/4G when connected to Wifi and turning off both if your screen is off.
Google News and Weather - Original stock app that came with Android 4.2 and below before being removed in 4.3 and above. Luckily can be installed by just running the apk file.
Number Saver - For dialing numbers you have copied (for whatever reason, the default dialer doesn't let you paste phone numbers).
Root Explorer - For browsing to any file on the phone and moving/copying files as needed.
Titanium Backup - For creating backups and deleting bloatware.

Web Resources

Files Not Refreshing or Showing on PC - How to refresh the phone cache if files don't show to PC for transferring.
Reinstalling System Apps - Easiest way is to use Root Explorer and locate the files using the phone (instead of command prompt on computer).  System apks for LG/Metro can be redownloaded here.
Restoring LG Connect to Factory - Software solution to restoring the phone to factory/stock build.
Rooting LG Connect - Easy one-click patch to root the phone.
Safely Removable Bloatware - Junk that you can remove without messing up your system.
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  1. SocialTech360 said,
    Dec-15-2016, 11:23am

    I never had a problem until I did a factory reset, since then it hhas been impossible to get a fix on the gps location

  2. Abc said,
    Dec-15-2016, 11:25am

    You should specify which Android phone. Posts like this make all Androids look like they have crappy GPS. While my Incredible has great GPS signal.

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