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Animation and Video Resources

December 29th, 2008 | Posted by pftq in 42 | #
  Some may have noticed I've strayed away from programming a bit and more into video production.  As usual, most of what I know I've found out online.  Those who are also into video editing should find the below useful.  Feel free to send me links to add as well if you know of other sources.

Tools and Resources

AlphaPlugins Company - Site that sells plugins for After Effects but also has a number of nice plugins for free download.
Aeigisub - Free, full-featured editor for subtitles.  Shift times, convert from MKV embedded subtitles, etc.
Avidemux - Great, light-weight tool for cutting/splicing/merging clips often without re-rendering.  Supports a large variety of formats also.
DVD Styler - If you don't have a program to make DVD menus or DVDs in general, this is free and pretty powerful.
Free Sound Project - Free sounds by an online community. Creative Commons license.  Must create account, but completely free.
Jahshaka - Open source video editor, good if you don't want to spend the money to buy an editor and don't want to use something as limited as Windows Movie Maker.
iLove Video Converter - Free, open source video converter for media/mp3 players such as the Cowon D2.  
Media Convert - Converts many video and audio formats online for free.  Supports numerous formats including FLV Flash, RM Real Media, Quicktime MOV, and more.
MKVToolNix - Build, splice, mux, and demux MKV files.
MPEG Streamclip - Convert VOB and MPEG2 files to other formats.  Fixes timecode errors and edits MPEG2 without rerendering. - Royalty-free sound by an online community.  Used to be free, but now has a limit on downloads per month.

Careers, Tutorials, and Help

After Effects Tutorials - Blog site with many useful tutorials and tips for using After Effects.
Best Online Animation Schools - Good summary of the top animation schools online.
Creative Cow - Community site with tutorials for many video-making programs and techniques, including Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut.
The Unofficial Truth About Animation - Good article summing out the current state of the industry and the obstacles to breaking in. - Many great tutorials on techniques in Adobe After Effects.  Also sells stock footage and sounds.
Video Editing Forums - Video-editing community and discussion board.
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  1. Prakash said,
    May-05-2011, 04:30am

    Nice list of resources. One place to get complete set of taring for free for Adobe after effecs cs3 is -

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