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Google Groups as a Mailing List

January 14th, 2024 | Posted by pftq in 42 | #
Seems there's not much competition driving down prices for mailing lists! A list w/ 200k ppl on Mailchimp or Constant Contact costs like $2000/mth. Made one for Waterflame on Google Groups instead, which is free w/ G-Suites. Will see if it hits any limits!

Waterflame's new mailing list :O

To create your own mailing list on Google Group (without paying thousands to Mailchimp / Constant Contact):
1. Go to Google Groups:
2. Create a new group.
3. Set all permissions to Manager only except viewing/joining, which is anyone in the world.
4. Allow external domain users.
5. Let people know to join by either going to your group about page or sending an email to <group-email>

Seems insane to me there are people paying thousands a month for mailing lists if they just knew how to use Google Apps more, but we'll see how much this can scale!
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