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Send Mail As From Gmail SMTP

October 15th, 2015 | Posted by pftq in 42 | #
These are directions on how to set up your own domain's email addresses to work from Gmail in case I forget.  In other words, sending from your own address but having it sent from Gmail's servers so you can use gmail as your client, authentication, etc.

1. Login to
2. Go to settings.
3. Go to accounts and import.
4. Under send mail as, click "Add another email address you own."
5. Enter the From name you want and then the address.  Leave "Treat as alias" checked unless others might send from the address as well (and you don't want them skipping your inbox as if you sent them).
6. Set SMTP server as  Port is 587, use TLS.  If this is an address managed by Google Business/Apps, use those credentials ( and password set under Google Admin; otherwise use your own gmail login.
7. Follow email confirmation instructions.

Checking SPF and DKIM signing on your emails:
Send email to and you should get a bounce back telling you if you passed SPF and DKIM authentication checks.  Domainkeys for me at least is usually neutral.  If anything is permfail or other errors, something is not set up correctly on the DNS records, and some  servers may reject your emails.

The DNS records should have the following for the domain you want to send emails from gmail with:
<yourdomain.extension>. - TXT - v=spf1 ~all
google._domainkey.<yourdomain.extension>. - TXT - v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=...

The DKIM (domainkey) can be gotten from Google Admin ( > Apps > Gmail > Authenticate Email.   Generate a new record, copy that to the text field of the DKIM row in your DNS above, and then click Start Authentication on the Google Admin page.
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