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October 25th, 2014 | Posted by pftq in Random Stuff | #
Below is a list of trends, technologies, and other developments that perk my interest and I'm keeping tabs on.  I'm mainly interested in things that are truly novel or cutting edge, not the next big app nonsense.

- Anti-aging through blood contents (geroscience). Example: Alkahest

- Cryptocurrencies down from highs about 90%.  Not too many better opportunities to invest in this year.  Afterward invest in companies directly integrating blockchain in real use cases - ie Facebook, Moneygram.
- Plant-based meats (Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods) - was eating soy nuggets for a year at Whole Foods without realizing it wasn't chicken.  However, be careful of proteins that could be modified or created, since any screw-up there leads to brain disease - see Prions and Synthesized Foods.

- 3D Projection Mapping for Virtual Reality.  Why wear AR/VR headsets when you can do this in real life: Lux del Greco, Real-Time Face Tracking, Box & Dolly's Box. See my post: Virtual Reality via 3D Projection Mapping
- Brain Interface / Neural Lace .  Direct feeds into your brain to control devices. Starting to get serious funding and press after Elon Musk backing Neuralink.
- Anti-aging in 3 parts: 1) telomorase to prevent shortening of protective telomere caps in DNA.  Shown to work in mice; lobsters naturally have it.  Companies doing this so far for humans: Bioviva, Telocyte. 2)  NAD+ to preserve proteins that repair DNA that do end up being damaged. 3) something to prevent bad cells from living forever as well (aka cancer).  See my write-up: Steps to Biological Immortality
- Drones to carry people.  Already exists but not mass market.  See: Portuguese final cup.  My preference would be something foldable that you hang from instead.  Gold standard is Jetman, but unlikely to be accessible to regular public.

- FinTech/Cryptocurrencies coming to fruition this year, including those listed in 2014. Esp. Ethereum on Microsoft's Azure and Ripple going production with 7+ banks.
- Augmented/Virtual Reality coming to fruition this year, including those listed in 2014, mainly Magic Leap. Microsoft's Hololens (Minecraft Demo, Project X-Ray)) looks cool but in person is still just another screen with only the middle of your vision having holograms.  Leap Motion might be a value play as they have the best hand tracking technology but suffers the "Microsoft syndrome" of not marketing themselves.
- Artificial Intelligence to get spotlight soon, including those listed in 2014. Esp. DeepMind with AlphaGo. Longer term, look forward to my own entry Conatus Wink
- Artificial Life listed in 2014, esp. Craig Venter creating first manmade organism and now creating minimal genome for life. Long term goal of immortality.
- Stem Cell research, esp. for brain damage.
- Randell Mills' Brilliant Light Power, essentially cold fusion if the demos with Hydrinos are real.  Good summary of his story here.  The guy predicted the universe is accelerating expansion, not slowing down, and his entire approach is using classical physics instead of quantum (so no chance/probability math).
- Energy technologies harvesting solar winds, which would be able to power the entire Earth for free.  See my post: Unlimited Clean Energy From Solar Winds
- EM Drive, which breaks the laws of physics by not having fuel propellent but is now shown to work by NASA.

- FinTech/Cryptocurrencies to get the spotlight this year, including those listed in 2014
- Augmented/Virtual Reality to get the spotlight this year, including those listed in 2014

- Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum
- Augmented/Virtual Reality and Wearables: Leap Motion (hand tracking), Magic Leap (AR), Mycestro (3D mouse), Sixense (full body VR), Microsoft Hololens
- Artificial Intelligence: Numenta/Grok, Artherian, DeepLearning4J, DeepMind, Sentient Technologies
- Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity, Hyperloop
- Nanotechnology: P2i Water Repellent
- Nexia's Spidergoats/Biosteel
- Pocket Drones, Nixie (Wearable Wriststrap Drone), BionicOpter (Robot Dragonfly)
- Panono
- Uber, AirBnB
- PCell
- Quantum Computers
- Craig Venter - Artificial life, bioengineering, and immortality.  I personally believe we'll figure out immortality within this lifetime.
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