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Music and Sound Editing

August 10th, 2009 | Posted by pftq in 42 | #

Free tools and programs to edit audio and mp3 files.  Resources and tips to read on.

     Of course, the best programs would have to cost money, but for those of us with somewhat of a budget, these are some of the programs I've found most useful.  Further down are also resources I found useful for advice on how to better edit sounds or music pieces.

My own tips for loudness penalty:

General Sound Editing

Audacity - General purpose sound editor.  Does fading, cutting, and a number of effects.
Mastering with FabFilter Pro Tools - Easy to follow tutorials on mastering and EQ with Pro Tools.
MP3Gain - For adjusting the loudness of your audio clips.  Unique in that it edits the playback volume of your files, rather than gain, so that it reduces clipping or crackling.
Removing Vocals - Various techniques and plugins for removing vocals from a song using Audacity.

Music Production

Automating Pitchbend in East West from FL Studio - Surprisingly hard to find on Google but glad I did.  Basically just setting the "Send Pitch Bend Range" will allow the Midi Out or Dashboard pitch knob to control the VST.
Blake Robinson's Live Stream - Really helpful live stream of him making a song in FL Studio; great for those who learn best by watching.
Chord House - Useful interactive references for chords.
Mastering Loudness in Orchestral Recordings - Useful posts summarizing the topic of making your songs louder.
Mic to MIDI Notes in FL Studio - How to record sounds, perhaps your humming, and convert them to notes in FL. - Converts songs to videos for youtube once you're ready to upload stuff.
Music Theory Through Improvisation - Free online book via Google to learn about harmony.
VSL vs East West Quantum Leap - Just some general researching if you're looking to get a pretty hefty sample library.
WonderFL - Useful flash-building site with templates for creating SWFs for your music to distribute online.
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