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Things That Are Funny

April 29th, 2007 | Posted by pftq in 42 | #

Funny quotes, funny facts, weird headlines, and more!

  Here you will find a compilation of silly things I find on the net. This includes quotes, facts, jokes, and more. Only good stuff is put here (as usual on this site Tongue ). Useful if you happen to work on the the school newspaper or something.
  This list is always growing. If you happen to find any you consider really good, feel free to send them to me. Please keep it clean. - Supposedly real chat conversation quotes. Some might not be real, but under the assumption they are, some of the quotes turn out pretty funny.
Cop Shoots Himself in Leg - Cop talking about gun safety in front of class only to accidentally shoot himself...
Darwin Awards - Ridiculous ways people have died or seriously injured themselves.
Eighth Grader Impersonating Trump, Cruz, Obama, Clinton, and Sanders - Jack Aiello impersonating the 2016 presidential candidates in his eighth grade graduation ceremony.  His interview with Jimmy Fallon later is just as funny.
Funny Quotes - Silly things people have really said...
Funny Bush Quotes - President Bush was notorious for saying the silliest things. Here's a list. - Stupid quotes, mistranslations, and more.
Groupon Founder Andrew Mason on Grouspawn - Example of how ridiculous the culture in the Silicon Valley already is (more so than the TV show would convey).
Jeb Bush "Please Clap" - Jeb Bush's final speeches being so anticlimactic that he had to ask the audience to clap. Subtitles only make it worse.
jQuery Overuse - Pretty funny example of how much people tend to rely on frameworks/libraries.
News Clip with Antoine Dodson - Hilariously ghetto reaction by Antoine Dodson to an intruder in his home.
Newt Gingrich Not Knowing What a Smartphone Is - Hilarious video by Newt himself debating what to call a smartphone, while somehow avoiding all references to the word smartphone itself.
Real Strange Newspaper Headlines - Extremely large collection of 1000+ funny and strange newspaper headlines. Probably the best list available.
Dumbest Headlines - More dumb headlines, with picture actual newspaper clippings.
Random Startup Generator - Hilarious but accurate spoof startup webpage generator.
Star Wars Modern Lightsabers Battle - Funny spoof on the new lightsabers in Star Wars 7.
Steve Irwin Stories - Wacky collaborative made-up stories about the adventures of Steve Irwin and other characters from Zoo Admin.
Ways to Keep a Healthy Level Insanity - Very funny forum thread started also at Zoo Admin.
Welcome to Tumblr - Hilarious satirical video that sadly describes culture today in general more than it really just describes Tumblr.
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