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Things to Watch

June 3rd, 2011 | Posted by pftq in 42 | #
Just things on the internet worth seeing over time if you haven't seen them already.  Some are old, some are new, ... Feel free to send me more links to add! Tongue
3D Projection Mapping - Using projectors to apply effects to real buildings and objects.  More with live people from Sila Svetta, Bot & Dolly's Box, Light Harvest's Immersive Surfaces (Manhattan Bridge)
The Box Man - A man and a box.  Inspired by Japanese author Kobe Abe.
Caldera - Short film by Evan Viera of giving the experience of seeing the world different from everyone else.
Catfish Hunting Pigeons - Interesting to see catfish learning how to come out of water.
Chistmas Lights Synced to Music - A guy synchronized the christmas lights on their house to a song called "Wizards of Winter". Very cool for Christmas season!
Circles are Squares - Very cool optical illusion where squares on a cylinder can rotate to become circles and vice versa.
Dubai's 2013 New Year Fireworks - Best I've seen so far, very impressive.
Ghost Elevator Prank - Pretty high-tech prank consisting of an elevator that blacks out briefly and a ghost-girl creeps in seemingly out of nowhere.
How It Should Have Ended - Hilarious cartoon re-renderings of movie endings.
Human Birdwings - Project for flying like a bird with artificial wings.  Debunked as fake but fun to dream out nonetheless.
Jetman - Inventor who made himself a real jetpack and flies alongside airplanes.  Newer and probably more impressive videos can be found on his official Jetman channel.
JMEMantzel - Modern day mad scientist living in the forest and building giant robots.
Juggling by Chris Bliss - Juggling synced to song.
Kiwi - Short animation about a Kiwi.
Known Universe - Animation showing the known universe from Earth to the very outside.
Kyle Landry's Piano Playing - Extremely impressive playing.
Landscape and Sky - A handful of timelapses done on the sky at day and night.
Loituma Girl - Popular flash animation that just shows a girl spinning a leek with a random-gibberish song in the background. How long can you stand it? Tongue
Parrot Taught to Actually Speak - African Grey Parrot named Alex that was raised for about 30 years to understand what he was saying, but the bird has died recently.
Psychic Drawing - If only drawing anime was this easy.
Six Flags Abandoned New Orleans Tour - Creepy video of Six Flags New Orleans abandoned after Hurricane Katrina.
Speech and Debate: Examples of speech and debate competitions at the high school level, something I miss doing very dearly and can't seem to find anywhere else in the outside world... Fully Committed, Jimmy the Antichrist, Mr. Marmalade, The Metamorphosis, An Original Masterpiece, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, The Big Bang
Three-Way Street - Shows how ridiculous intersections are in major cities.  Funny to watch but sad in that's it real.
Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise - Fun stunt in NYC portraying someone suddenly becoming telekinetic amidst a regular crowd of people.  The Brazil version is more intense.
Flash/Machinima Videos - A bunch of fun videos created by average people like you and me, either through Flash or game editors.
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