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Skills Resume

February 2nd, 2014 | Posted by pftq in Random Stuff | #
A short summary of the skills I've accumulated throughout my life, almost all of which are self-taught (school only confused me and made up names for things I was already doing <_< ).  Much thanks for the support from online gaming communities I was active with in 2003-2007 back when the internet was much smaller.  I have been programming and making games since I was 12, creating short films and composing music since I was 14, and trading stocks since I was 18.  My latest projects and activities can be found at my creations page.

Technology and Multimedia
• Programming: HTML/CSS, PHP, (My)SQL, Java(Script), AS3, C++/#, Hadoop, Ruby, Python
• Video/Photo: After Effects, Premiere, Encore, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator.
   - Post, Compositing, Keying, Lighting, Motion Tracking, Match Moving, Rotoscoping.
• Music: FL Studio, Audition, Pro Tools, Max/MSP, East West libraries.
   - Composition, Scoring, Improvisation, Playing Piano by Ear.
• Games/VR/AR: Unity, Unreal, Vive/Rift, Leap Motion. Cinematics, Level/Map Design, Multiplayer.

Leadership and Communications
• Founded filmmaking group in high school. Directed/shot/edited 26 short films, 45 contracted projects.
• Varsity Speech and Debate in high school (Acting/Improv), Top-Scoring Member Academic Decathlon.
• Officer of 10 clubs in college, 8 in high school. Instructor of 2 courses in college.

Stocks, Options, and Algorithmic Trading
• Technical and Quantitative Analysis. Author of trading guide, virtual trading system.
• Creator of Tech Trader, a fully autonomous system trading w/o human intervention since 2012.
• 1st Place with +196.70% gain in college investment group Fall 2011 contest and again in Spring 2012.

Miscellaneous Skills   
• Intermediate tennis. Ambidextrous. Forehand, backhand, serves with either hand. USTA 4
• Intermediate dance in Swing, International Standard/Latin. Competed in Bronze/Silver during college.
• Intermediate skiing.  Blue / Black Diamond.
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