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Adobe Encore CS4 Library Content Missing

March 30th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Blabberbox | #

I just spent the last day trying to figure out why my Encore CS4 didn’t have any library content. I also found out the library folder was missing entirely from the Adobe Encore folder in the install.

I’m using the boxed DVD set, not the download. I tried reinstalling Encore a few times already; also looked for a “Encore Library Content” to install but there wasn’t such an option.

After digging through the discs a bit, I finally found a folder called Premiere Pro Content. Inside is another folder called “Adobe Encore CS4 Functional Content“. Installed this and it fixed the issue. I’m not sure why it wasn’t part of the original setup/install and had to be put in this way. I’m just hoping this helps anyone else that might be stumped about this.

I’m running a x64 operating system if anyone’s curious. Originally the libary content setup wanted to install in the Program Files folder (not 32-bit one), so maybe that posed part of the problem.

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