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After Effects CC Slower Than CS5

January 3rd, 2022 | Posted by pftq in Blabberbox | #
I write more detail on this issue in the Adobe forums here:

Long-story short, it seems that something broke in the PSD layer importing process between CS5 and CC 2021/2022, as the same project file in CS5 only takes about 10 min to render but over an hour in the latest CC versions.  In the test project I have below, the slowness persists even though all the layers are empty.  Only way to fix it seems to be to delete the Photoshop layers, so that's why it appears to be Photoshop-related for now.

Test project:

I admit I stopped buying upgrades to After Effects after getting CS5 a long time ago and only tried the newest version to be able to collab on some files with someone else, but the latest results aren't encouraging.  It also doesn't help that even 10 years later, it seems Adobe still hasn't properly implemented multithreaded rendering (but rather bloated the software and made it less stable it seems).  Multicore computers are no longer a niche thing like they were 10 years ago, so hopefully Adobe gets their act together and really catches up with these things.

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