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Complaints on Fort Wars

November 26th, 2006 | Posted by pftq in Blabberbox | #

        I’ve read and received various complaints on the recently released Fort Wars map.   Some complaints are valid but many of them really hold no weight at all.   These are some that I have seen or received.

In this version, computer players don’t select their spawn and get units.

        First off, Fort Wars is a multiplayer map.     Fort Wars has never been meant for playing against computer players.   Even if they could spawn units, they would not be upgrading, buying, or using awards.   Play online please.   Is it not much more fun with human players in any case?

The store island needs more testing and does not work.   I move units to the tower and nothing happens.

        I was watching this guy play when he said it.   (We were allies).   He was trying to buy Super Speed (costs 40 coin) and he had less than 25 (he could only spawn pikes, grenadiers etc).   It works.   You just cannot afford it.   Please learn to play.

        In another case, some other person claimed he could not buy units that he could afford.   His base had masses of units and when asked what population he had, he replied “105/100“.   Hmm….

A lot of things that worked before  do not work.

        Nothing has changed from the previous versions except the additions of the new content from the expansion pack.   You cannot say that things that used to work do not work - it is the same code.

This version sucks.   Aztecs are too weak.

        The whole version sucks because one civilization is too weak.   I mean there’s only 11 other civilizations you can play…

Aztecs are OP (Overpowered).

        They are  a blind civilization  - a weakness suggested by some random player I now regret.   I’m not even going to explain why they aren’t OP.

Previous versions were better.   Now all the civilizations are too plain and  have no bonuses.

        The civilization bonuses from previous versions are exactly the same.   French is actually better now with all cavalry receiving HP bonuses instead of just one.   Sioux get speed upgrades for all units every 50 kills.   Perhaps you mean Iroquois and/or Aztec, but then that is not all civilizations now is it?


Maybe  I should add these to the FAQ, but seriously this is just common sense…

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