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Conversation with a Doctor

May 24th, 2019 | Posted by pftq in Blabberbox | #
One of the more frustrating experiences I've had in a while... part of what makes the healthcare here feel pretty worthless.  Obviously not reflective of all doctors... just many my own experiences.
Doctor: Here's a prescription drug that will relieve the symptom.  Just take it everyday from now on, and you won't feel it anymore.
Me: Is there a test or something we can do to check why it's happening? Or if it might be more serious?
Doctor: Like what?
Me: Maybe it's an injury? A disease? Or something worse, like cancer?
Doctor: You're too young to have anything serious like that.
Me: But shouldn't you at least check? Not saying it is or isn't serious, just that it seems weird not to at least look.
Doctor: Out of 100,000 people with your symptoms, maybe one has cancer.  Would it be worth it to check?
Me: Yes?
Doctor: No!
Me: What?
Doctor: It's like if you cross a street.  People get hit by cars all the time, but you still cross.
Me: That's not the same thing... and you still check - it doesn't mean you just close your eyes and cross.
Doctor: I've been a doctor for 20 years.  I'm telling you it's not worth it to check.  Are you saying you know better than me?
Me: I'm just asking if we can do more.  I don't get why that is a big deal.  I'm willing to pay if it costs more.  The last time a doctor told me I was too young to have health problems, I almost lost my left eye entirely to retinal occlusion.  I went back 3 times before they treated my eye, and by then, the damage was permanent.
Doctor: Have you taken your flu shot?
Me: Not yet.  What does that have to do anything?
Doctor: The flu is more real than any of your concerns.  Go take care of that instead.  
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