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Death of Spring

April 25th, 2015 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
This is another idea for a short film or animation (probably better fit) that I woke up with as a dream.  It was extremely vivid, like an actual animated film being watched.  The colors come off very strong, with death and decay being black and red while life is green and blue.  Both share occasional streaks of purple though.
Two brothers are living in a somewhat burned down or devastated forest/wilderness/village.  One of them is out in the woods one day when they are cutting down a tree and release a water spirit.  The water spirit takes the form of an innocent child-like figure that heals the countryside.  

One of the friends get obsessed in dark magic upon realizing magic exists in the world and eventually starts becoming some sort of electricity or energy spirit, spreading smoke/decay and mutation but overall kept in a small corner of the woods because the water spirit would find out and destroy him.  He also doesn't want his brother to know.  The water spirit is currently fighting off a lot of mutated vegetation and wildlife but doesn't know where they're coming from.  

Eventually the energy spirit decides he needs more power, and the only way to do that is to take the power of the water spirit.  One day, the water spirit notices an unusually large patch of mutation and flies over to stomp it out.  It's a very stormy day and the smell burn/decay is in the air.  One of the mutated flowers the water spirit tries to destroy suddenly transforms into a very large monster, somewhat like a venus flytrap, and swallows the water spirit.  The scene zooms out to show the plant actually being an extension of the energy spirit this time, sprouting from ends of his arms where his hands should be.  Decay and death starts to spread along the hills again as the energy spirit becomes very strong from eating the water spirit.  

The other brother starts to be worried about the other two being gone for a long time while the hills around them are going to heck.  Eventually he finds out it's his own brother who has become the energy spirit and is consuming the hills around them.  He starts to study magic as well to fight back, with his abilities focusing around cold and ice.  The energy spirit has become very consumed with power but is conflicted; at times, especially when he finds out he has to confront his brother, he hesitates but he thinks more along the lines of trying to convince his brother to join him rather than stopping what he's doing.  

The irony is that the other brother eventually strikes down the energy spirit with little-to-no mercy, before realizing he has killed his own brother and mourning over having lost both friends. Eventually he becomes the spirit of winter, taking up somewhat the opposite role of the water spirit.
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