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Internet Community is Overly Saturated

September 2nd, 2014 | Posted by pftq in Society | #
Found this article here while just browsing web today.  It really hit home for me, since I've been around for quite some time.
The Internet is Opinion Saturated

I personally “grew up” on the internet back in the early 2000s (I was 12 then when I was part of various communities making games and other content together).  It’s funny because I remember people (including myself) would constantly get warned or even banned (at worst) by moderators for things as simple as being rude or lacking manners.  Now all of that pretty goes out the door when you connect online, which is very sad to see.  It’s as if all the effort back then to preserve a bit of dignity online pretty much went to waste.

Sometimes I miss the earlier days in the internet before social media, as it was easier to find people who knew what they were doing (barrier to entry was higher).  I wouldn't know what the equivalent place would be now where can you go now to find quality discussion on shared interests, without the noise from the rest of the world.  It seems strange to want to escape from the internet rather than to it.
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