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Mercury Use in Vaccines

August 28th, 2023 | Posted by pftq in Blabberbox | #
For those who don't have time to hear the full interview of @RobertKennedyJr w/ @joerogan:

I've never actually heard RFK's actual reasoning about before, so it was interesting that it's more about mercury. Apparently the industry uses a misleading 2002 study by Pichichero that shows the ethyl-mercury passes out of the bloodstream within a week, which sounds like that means it leaves the body, but a later NIH study by Burbacker on monkeys showed the ethyl-mercury only leaves the blood quickly because it accumulates in the brain (the ethyl aspect makes it cross the blood-brain barrier more easily).

The mercury is necessary because it triggers the immune response from the body towards the dead virus, so it's unavoidable but the notion it doesn't actually leave the body an interesting concern that I've never heard before.  The mercury aspect seems to something that doesn't get mentioned much (or just handwaved away with the same claim that it leaves the bloodstream, without acknowledging the part about it accumulating elsewhere), so it's something I'd be interested to see more research or information on.
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