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September 20th, 2020 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
Another mystery/horror story that came as a dream (and somewhat terrifying one at that)...

A group of friends are traveling to a new city and staying there for a bit. It is a tropical beach city - a sandy, walkable, small town with low-rise, shack-like residences.  They play video games as a team online the first night and joke about why they bother to name the group if they can't beat anyone yet.  After midnight, they order food delivered on GrubHub, since it's too late to go out and fall asleep after eating.

The next morning, a waitress from a nearby restaurant comes over with a plate of lobsters, but they didn't order anything.  The waitress says she has one of their credit cards, name, billing address and all.  The charge came from last night.  One of them suggest credit card fraud, but the waitress says the order was made in person. The friends point out they didn't even go anywhere last night, that they ordered food delivered.  One of them pulls out a phone to show the Grubhub transactions.  They ask what the person who made the charge looked like.  Oddly enough the waitress says the person looked like one of the friends.  One of the friends asks if it's because he's Asian and if the waitress checked photo ID for the card, but the waitress did check and insists they looked the same.  They clear the transaction with confusion on both sides.  The food looks good, so the friends decide to go to the restaurant to try it later that night.  

When they arrive, the restaurant is kept very dark with a disco-like vibe.  The windows at the far end of the room show the streets outside and is brighter despite it being at night, making the inside even harder to see.  The friends coincidentally are getting seated by the same waitress they met yesterday.  

They are still standing at the cash register when suddenly one of them gets a phone alert that their card has been charged.  This is suspicious, since they haven't paid yet.  They show the phone alert to the waitress.  The waitress says the transaction came from a table in the restaurant and tries looking it up.  It is a table at the far end of the room near the windows, which again being bright make it hard to see in the dark of the room.  The table and its occupant are both practically pitch black shadows against the windows. The waitress seats the friends first at the nearest table, where they can still see the silhouette of the other table  against the window. The friends ask who is it, and the waitress asks around who serves that table but gets no response.  The waitress starts heading over herself to check.  The friends watch from their seats but can't make anything out in the dark.  One of them takes out a camera to try to zoom in.  

Suddenly there's a scream, and the whole restaurant is in panic.  The person at the far table near the window has stood up but is still in the shadows.  Some flashes go off like a strobe light. That was the friend with a camera who manages to snap a few photos.  Quickly, he tries to review them on his camera during the chaos, but oddly enough, the photo shows the entire room lit up except the person at the far table, who is still a black silhouette.  One of the other friends tap him on the shoulder, and he looks up to see a tall figure standing above them, a complete pitch black silhouette with no visible face.
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