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Perfect World

March 9th, 2012 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
Had this whole script idea in my dream this morning.  It was like watching a live-action movie with really good effects. It even came with an ending credits song - recorded a bit of it, maybe will make it a full fledge song later one day.

An advanced society is led by one man (the leader) who seems to have invented a means for everything (free energy, robots, etc).  He himself seems immortal and omnipotent now from his own inventions.  His daughter - he turned into part machine so she does not grow old.  His company headquarters is actually a giant parked spaceship in the city.

One day, however, his daughter refuses to continue further living like this.  The problem is essentially that the man thinks he is god and thinks he can dictate what is best for society.  Though he is sincere, his own daughter wants him to stop.

In his company building, in one of the giant glass-like warehouse rooms, the man is meeting with his daughter and a group of workers.  Perhaps planned or not, one of the workers suddenly hits the daughter over the head with a wrench while she is sitting faced away in her chair towards the giant facility below (they are on an elevated platform attached to the wall).  We do not realize the daughter is robotic yet and she collapses in her chair, only to shakily sit back up later and turn around.  She recognizes that she is about to die (her systems are crashing) and she can barely speak.  She says something to the acknowledgement of their decision to kill her and then reveals a bomb device counting down she set up beneath her on the back of her chair (she had planned this as well, probably taking up her scheming abilities from her father).

One of the workers goes over to check it out and disable it.  The leader doesn't think much of it obviously, just letting others take care of it.  From a distance though, we see that the worker going over turn it off, sticking his head in the way, is what intersects the view of the counter from a distance by a camera or laser, triggering a much larger bomb elsewhere in the facility.

One large explosion rocks the facility; we see that outside there is a giant fuming hole on one side of the building.  It slowly starts to grow and is meant to generate enough energy to devastate the city or perhaps the planet (the explosion is more like a generated energy ball or implosion).  Suddenly the fuming building rises up into the blue sky.  It would seem there is nothing left of it almost, large chunks of it just falling off and sinking slowly towards the earth (as if low gravity).  The leader flies out from the building towards the pieces falling to earth to stop them telekinetically and bring them back to the building, preventing debris from smashing other surrounding buildings and hurting people on the ground, trying to repair things.  His efforts are swift but calm, almost like watching a god piece his world back together effortlessly.

But it seems like the daughter outsmarted the father.  The building/ship is a spectacle from the ground, floating almost weightlessly but slanting towards the earth with huge pieces of it sliding off and smoking rising into the blue sky.  The leader at this point still does not seem that worried but suddenly a much larger explosion triggers, not sure from where.  Even the leader is put unconscious and the entire society is wiped out.  

Many centuries later, we see the same story unfolding.  It appears the leader has restarted society, led the entire race from the brink of extinction and helped it modernize up to the current day again from the beginning of the story.  We see he is essentially a god from what he is able to do but is nonetheless human in root.  The one difference appears that he has not given his daughter nearly as much control over the facilities, as much power.  Despite his efforts, the same result we saw from the beginning of the story occurs again, resulting in another end-of-the-world scenario or apocalypse.  It becomes an endless cycle.
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