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Reflections of 4D

January 8th, 2018 | Posted by pftq in Ideas | #
A nice read-

Essentially if a 3D object has a 2D shadow, what if we looked for the 3D shadow of a 4D object? My thought is take it further - If our reflections are 2D, what about 3D reflections of a 4D object?

If you think about it, the answer to crossing all spacial dimensions is light.  We always perceive visually in two dimensions even though we live in three.  Just as a flat movie screen serves as the window into our 3D world, it is likely that our 3D world serves as a window to the 4th. This starts to relate also to where Virtual Reality and brain-interface technologies are going; I'd imagine that some combination of the two fields would be necessary for us to perceive more than just in 3D space.

Although somewhat different in subject matter, it reminds me of the thoughts I had in God's Flashlight, where light yet again (whether visible, infrared, gamma, or otherwise) served as the common thread linking together that we cannot perceive.

It's important to understand though that different dimensions are not different "universes" or "worlds" like fiction would portray.  It is more like having additional senses or ways of perception, of seeing things from more angles but in the same world you already live in.  If we were to have goggles or devices that let us perceive higher dimensions, we would still live and interact in the same world.  We'd just see more ways to manipulate the world around us.  Perhaps we'd realize that things like quantum entanglement are actually due to components that we cannot see in the lower dimensions.  Things you thought were coincidence or extreme luck, fate and irony if you will, might turn out to be due to linkages you couldn't see permeating the world before you.  The best analogy I can recall comes from the movie "I Origins," where one of the characters explain that a worm may not perceive the light around it, even if the light exists.
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