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Site on Standstill

July 21st, 2007 | Posted by pftq in Blabberbox | #

        Well I’m back from my summer school program.   Unfortunately, I can’t say I learned enough Java to actually do anything with it; quite the opposite - I learned nothing at all.   You can take a look at some of the links in Java Resources  such as Sams Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours  - stop at about half way through - and that’s as far we ever got.   Not even anything on a graphical user interface (meaning the program is only text).

        In any case, due to a number of projects I’m involved with, I may or may not update the site at all within the following month or so.   I’ve also more or less given up on  the gaming section a bit.    Too much effort  put into it without anything given back.   This means WiB is probably discontinued and Age of Mythology/Empires III will  not be seeing me again.    The  ”Age of” games in particular seem to have a community which is constant “rebirth” in that  previous  findings in the game are forgotten and refounded over and over again.   I’ll probably be available for contact, but do not expect any changes or new highlights.   Site is officially on standstill for now…

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  1. Aug-03-2007, 03:02am

    What projects are you involved in?

  2. pftq said,
    Aug-03-2007, 03:09am

    I’ve spent the last 2 weeks finishing about 8 videos for a school project (they want to send out orientation DVDs to incoming freshmen). :mad:

    Also involved in scriptwriting and editing for a video club.

    2 Books and an essay to read for English… :roll:

    Finally next week I’m leaving again so I need to start packing lol :shock:

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