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Tetrachromats Seeing a Fourth Color

January 31st, 2022 | Posted by pftq in Blabberbox | #
Very interesting article on some people who see with a fourth color cone.  It's extra fuel for my God's Flashlight stuff about worlds in other light spectrums that may invisible to us (or us to them).

See: The Woman Who Can See 100 Million Colours

Extra cool is that I was very close in God's Flashlight on the notion that manmade lights in cities are unbearable to those in these other spectrums.  It makes me wonder if all the artificial light we're exposed to is slowly trimming away the extras in what we can see that we might not notice over time.  I did a bit more research and did find hints of that from an older article, specifically mentioning that we've painted our modern world so much in colors we are used to seeing that it may be that people who can see more don't even know it from lack of use.  

It took 20+ years for them to figure out a test just to know if people can see with this fourth color cone.  Kind of fun to think how much harder it must be to test seeing spirits.
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