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Using Mirrors to Decrease Projector Throw Ratio

January 11th, 2011 | Posted by pftq in Blabberbox | #
     Been doing a lot of work with pocket projectors lately.  One problem I've run into with them is the throw length.  It's no fun having something portable if you still need a lot of space to do any projecting.  So I did some experimenting with mirrors to see if I can "simulate" the extra distance for the projector without actually using much space. Cheesy

     I did some reading before diving into this and one point I noted was that surface mirrors tend to retain a lot more light than the conventional glass mirrors you get in stores.  The glass mirrors are basically coated surface mirrors to prevent scratching.  What I used were regular mirrors, but I thought the result was good enough for me.

     The main issue I'm contending with right now is whether to use a convex mirror which greatly increases the size of the image or just a regular mirror, which prevents distortion and preserves a bit more brightness. Grin

     I remember it was only a year ago too that I was mentioning how surprised I was pocket projectors even existed. Cheesy This will be very useful one day hehe
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