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January 20th, 2019 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
Another story that came as a dream, ironically as a movie I was watching in the dream.

The movie initially starts as a horror film about boy initially trying to escape the home of a crazed family with a murderous cyborg child.  The home is more or less a cave with no open windows or exit (all boarded up).  The parents are human but very old and clearly insane, sort of like the fake grandparents from The Visit.  The cyborg behaves more like an animal and is Frankenstein-like, with loosely pieced together scrap metal for arms, blades for hands, barely functional prosthetics for what's left of the face (doll-like eyes, unmoving lips, etc), etc.  Often it crawls on all fours or climbs the walls, staying in the shadows.  It is unclear if it was once human at all or entirely machine to begin with.  The pacing and feel is almost like a Saw movie at first, with no indication how the we arrived here or why things are.

After about halfway through the film, the cyborg suffers a concussion and has a sort of lapse in memory, forgetting where they are or what is going on.  It then ends up friendly instead and wonders why the boy is trying to escape.  It turns out that the two of them grew up together in the past and were very close; essentially the cyborg was a childhood friend.  The boy takes them to a hidden space behind the wall. The childhood friend is confused where that space came from, and the boy is confused as well, saying it's been there forever and was their secret hideout when little.  It also leads outside to a glass shuttle/pod suspended on a lift cable connecting from the side of the home to the city in the distance, which he urges they take to sneak out.

When they start taking it, the film pans out to show they were in a small cave-like but futuristic home buried in the lush green mountains away from the big city, which sits in the middle of the valley and has many glass-like skyscrapers.  The mountain-side home is one of many in the surrounding mountains, each with a dedicated lift cable to the city in the center - creating the imagery of spokes on a wheel.  Shots of other citizens each in their own glass shuttles going to and from the city reveal this is a world where it's now normal to be part or even all machine, as technology has gotten extremely advanced.  

The boy says the friend must have had amnesia and forgotten everything in the last few years.  He tries to recall outloud everything that's happened so far.  They start several years back when he'd graduated from school and was leaving the mountainside to get a job in the city.  He says the friend graduated too but ended up staying behind in the mountains.  The boy doesn't really know why and just assumes it was out of choice, but the friend starts to remember.  The movie flashes back briefly to show the parents wouldn't let the friend leave or go anywhere, leading to them arguing a lot.  Everyone looks human in this past, with no metal exposed or brokenness.  At one point, they are standing too close to the edge of a cliff arguing, and the friend slips and falls.

After the flashback ends, the friend suddenly snaps and tries to kill the boy again while they're in the shuttle.  When things calm down and the friend recovers, the friend remembers even less than before, slowly regressing through the years backwards.  At one point, the friend is excited about having a surprise gift for the boy's birthday, but this turns out to be a memory from almost a decade ago being relived.  Another flashback shows the family at a hospital finding out that even if they could replace the body good as new, the mind is permanently damaged and cannot be fixed short of being wiped clean.

When they finally arrive at a port in the city, the friend is unconscious but peaceful; it's unclear whether to be sleeping or out cold.  The boy leaves it in the shuttle and instead sends the shuttle back to the mountains.  The final shot before the scenes fades is of the boy from the port as the shuttle disappears into the distance.

* The gender of each character is not really decided.  In the dream, it wasn't really clear, and it probably didn't really matter, as it's more a story of two kids who grew up together.
* The movie was called "Vue" in the dream, but I think the title doesn't really matter.  It was probably a phrase picked up out of the real world from where I happened to be at the time.
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