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Being Perfect

July 23rd, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Thought of the Day | #
Being perfect is subjective, based on one's own beliefs and values, but many of us can't even match that.
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The More You Know

July 20th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Thought of the Day | #
The more you know someone, the less they respect you.
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Some of the Whole

July 18th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Thought of the Day | #
Sometimes, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts only because we can't add.
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Jumping and Flying

July 18th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Thought of the Day | #
I'm tired of learning to jump.  When can I fly?
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Used To

July 14th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Thought of the Day | #
I used to fold flowers, cranes, and flying saucers.
Now I only fold black and white brochures.
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Stranger Than Fiction

July 13th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Thought of the Day | #
Truth is stranger than fiction only if you lack imagination.
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New Encore CS5 Flash/Web DVD Features

July 1st, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Blabberbox | #

     Finally had a chance to look at the Flash export for Encore CS5 and I have to say I wasn’t expecting any changes actually but it’s very nice to see they updated the playback features on it. The usual chubby looking buttons for pause and skip are now replaced with a sleek little bar for playback, volume, subtitles, and even search:

Click for larger image of CS5 Web DVD for 'In the Midst of Night'

     The best improvement I think so far is the ability to scrub (seek) in the video, instead of just skipping through chapters. The search feature lets you find chapters that contain a keyword and actually allows search engines to find your Flash file as well, but for an actual movie, I haven’t found much use for it yet.

While I like the new features though and the redesign, there are a few issues:
     - Playback controls show up on menus. In previous versions they were hidden until a video started playing. Here they overlap the menu constantly as soon as you move the mouse.
     - White bar beneath the video. This is more or less just a bit of sloppiness on Encore’s part. If you look at the image above, you’ll see a white bar beneath the navigation. That was not an error in resizing the screen on my part; there’s actually a white strip that is part of the Flash SWF the entire time.
     - Flash applet loads slower. I had the old CS4 version side-by-side with the CS5 DVD. I have to say that whereas the old version loaded instantly, the new one took a few seconds to come up and start playing. Keep in mind that this is on my desktop computer. Over the internet, this delay might be longer because you’ll the connection to worry about as well.
     - Still no “Hide Controls” feature. You’ll notice they changed the playback bar to be a solid black now. In the past, it was semi-transparent so it wasn’t as intrusive. Now however you’ll actually have part of the video completely obscured by the controls. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is wait about 10 seconds for the controls to fade out.

     I was actually thinking of converting all my current Flash DVDs to the new CS5 player, but I think I might leave them be. Having the DVD load the first menu, that should be mightily impressive, but have it appeared tampered with by having an intrusive playback bar is something I don’t want to deal with yet. :P For newer works though, I imagine I’ll have to use the new CS5 version no matter what.

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Security Software

June 17th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in 42 | #

Best antivirus, antispyware, and just antimalware in general.

     Just doing a bit of research on my own to figure out what antivirus programs I want to use once I do a clean install of Windows 7 on my laptop.  Obviously, I cannot personally try them all, so I'm going to be listing ones I find most mentioned and in general what people say about them.


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Great Memories

June 6th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Stuck in My Head | #

Great Memories by Watsons

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Passing of Dreams

May 29th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
A young influential doctor is called in to assist in the operation of an elderly high-profile patient.  The patient has been left in a paralyzed state by unknown causes but continues to have thought processes and dreams; the paralysis is believed to have a mental rather than physical basis.  New technology by an experimenter is being used that would allow the doctor to enter the patient's dreams in an attempt to free him from his condition.  The doctor was chosen because the technology is not entirely understood, and it is hoped the doctor would be able to figure the situation out quickly once inside the patient's mind.

The doctor is placed into a deep sleep next to the patient, his head in a device connected to the head of the patient's.  The scene pans across the patient's brown eyes to the blue eyes of the doctor, the irises of which are blue.  The doctor awakens in a bed that is not his own and quickly realizes he is in the mind of the patient....[More]
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Instrument Tutorials

May 26th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in 42 | #

Tutorials for playing various instruments...

Dizi - Chinese side-blown flute.
Musical Saw - An actual saw used as an instrument.  Sounds like a ghostly synth.  More information also in this PDF by
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Yahoo Mail Address Confirmation

May 5th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in 42 | #

     For those of you who don’t know, there’s an option to send email from other addresses you own by going to Mail Options in Yahoo Mail. However, it doesn’t tell you there’s a limit of 10 addresses, and even if you remove the addresses, you may still be capped. The error message you get when trying to verify additional addresses doesn’t help either; it instead tells you the confirmation code “does not match our records” (even though you click on the link directly).

     Yahoo Support told me it takes about 6 months for deleted addresses to clear from the max 10 limit, but I actually waited about a year before dealing with the issue and it still didn’t clear up. …[More]

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May 4th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Thought of the Day | #

Overachieving is like passing the mountain peak and off a cliff.

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Fraying Strands

May 3rd, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Thought of the Day | #
Into how many fraying strands can a thread be split before it no longer has a core?
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April 22nd, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Recently Read | #
Lizard by Banana Yoshimoto
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April 20th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Thought of the Day | #

Float like a feather.
Strike like a hammer.

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Black Rain

April 12th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Recently Read | #
Black Rain by Masuji Ibuse
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April 8th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Thought of the Day | #

I looked up and blinked, thinking the lamp would go away.

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Printer CIS Problems - Roller Marks, Dripping Ink, Faded Color

April 7th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Blabberbox | #

So I just spent the last three days trying to figure out why my printer wasn’t working properly. After every ink refill or head cleaning, it would start leaving roller marks or dripping ink on the paper (I suppose it dripped ink on the rollers as well). Colors were also appearing faded as if there wasn’t enough ink flowing through.

I tried the usual head cleanings, cleaning solutions, reinstalling ink tubing, etc to no avail. I was beginning to think maybe I had worn out the printer, but it turns out the answer was much simpler. The waste ink bottle was getting full. Those of us who have installed a seperate waste ink system usually do so to avoid ink filling into the printer instead and lowering its lifespan; just remember to empty it when it gets full.

I’m guessing the reason it caused all these other issues is because it’s also involved in the suction created on the ink tubings; when the bottle is full, there is not enough room for ink to flow. This also would lead to the waste ink overflowing in the printer and spilling onto the rollers or dripping from the printhead. I had thought fresh ink was being dripped, but it was apparently waste ink instead.

On a side note, those of us who do experience this problem will be left with a printer that leaves tons of roller marks. No worries, here’s an easy solution:
- Take a paper towel, preferably the rolled up kind that you can cut at a couple feet’s length.
- Insert the towel end into the printer paper feed and print a blank page.
- The towel will be taken into the printer and ejected out. If possible, try to leave the printer cover open so you can take the towel out if it doesn’t feed into the front rollers (thus causing a jam).
- Repeat until you no longer get roller marks.

This method is much more economical than using regular paper to keep feeding until you clean up the rollers.

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April 7th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Thought of the Day | #
If I was just given a flat open field where I could run as far and as fast as I could without stopping, it would be the closest thing to flying.
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