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Friend in the Shadows

September 30th, 2009 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
     A man is traveling with his family and gets stranded in a dark cave.  He is alone and trapped in a large pit within the cave.  Fortunately, there is a stream of sunlight reaching down towards one end of the pit and plants are growing there.  From these few crops he is able to survive.  Later he also climbs down rocks deeper into the cave where it's darker and discovers a river where he can catch fish.

     The whole time he is alone until he one day notices someone standing in the shadows on the other side of the river.  The person can't really be seen and is just a dark figure.  The man calls and waves out.  The person doesn't say anything, but the man assumes it's because they're too far apart to hear each other.  However, the person seems to motion or signal back before fading back into the shadows.

     The man doesn't see this person again until one day he injures himself along the river and can't climb back up the rocks.  The man is stuck at the river edge and notices the person in the same spot from last time.  The man calls out but gets no response.  From there, the man assumes the person is a mute and just watches the person signal back.  This lasts for a few days while the man is trying to recover so he can climb back.

     The man isn't getting any better though and he grows irritated because his injury is becoming infected.  He tries to call for help from the person across the river, but the person doesn't want to cross.  The man gets angry and tries to yell at the person but slips, injuring himself further.  The person across the river appears to be laughing, so the man gets even angrier and starts throwing rocks at the person.  The person is too far to be hit, so the man tries to swim across the river.

     Obviously, the man is injured so he struggles quite a bit.  Luckily the water current isn't too strong and water not that deep (still painful though).  Once on the other side, the man can't seem to spot the person anywhere.  Instead, he just sees a large flat wall.  The man is very confused because this side of the river is very bare and no one can survive here.  He looks back across the river and notices it's much brighter on the other side.  He raises his hand thoughtfully and scratches his head.

     His shadow on the wall does the same.
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