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Three Years Past

June 12th, 2009 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
     A freshman boy walks down the school hallway eating a cup of ice cream he got from across the street.  While walking, he suddenly looks up from his ice cream to realize his surroundings look different.  It's the same location with some things altered, perhaps looking older or worn out.  He eventually realizes he has ended up 3 years into the future.
     His friends tell him he's crazy.  When the boy tries to use his ice cream as proof, they tell him he just got it from across the street.  Defeated, the boy just accepts his situation for the time being.
     His learning is accelerated and he quickly adapts to his new life.  He seems to learn things instantaneously sometimes (such as math) even though he doesn't remember having been good at it before.  One day his friends bug him about the ice cream again and the boy gets irritated.  The boy suddenly shouts, "How could I have gotten the ice cream from across the street if the shop closed two years ago?!"
     Suddenly he notices that he's not learning faster, he's just slowly remembering things that occurred the three years he missed.  Eventually he remembers his "past" and no longer has that missing gap.  His friends attribute it to amnesia.
     Many years later, he still keeps the cup that he had his ice cream in.  He just can't shake the feeling something strange happened to him as a freshman and he can't remember what (so he remembers the 3 years he missed but not that he missed them).  
     After he dies, it is later determined that the cup of ice cream was purchased from the shop across the street during his freshman year (the proof being either a receipt, proof of transaction, carbon dating, whatever works).  Everyone forgot the incident ever happened, including the boy himself.
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