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Left Behind

March 23rd, 2009 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
Scene 1:
-- Cut to door outside hallway. --
» Boy opens it and walks in with Friend1 and Friend2 (back to us).
-- Cut to front of group, angled to show only Boy's face. --
» Group walks toward camera down hallway, talking and laughing.  Boy talking and laughing with them.
» Boy drops something and stops; rest of the group walks off camera.  Boy gets down to pick it up, but everyone is gone when he looks back.
-- Wide and low angle shot of Boy looking down the hallway, empty. --
Boy: Uh, guys?
-- Closeup to Boy. --
» Boy looks side to side and shrugs, chuckling nervously.
Boy: Well, this kind of strange.
» Boy walks off the same direction he was originally headed.
-- Cut to far door at end of the hallway. --
» Boy walks into view, still calm, until he tries to the open the door and it's locked.  Boy is confused and then tries again, still locked.  He peers through the glass.
-- Cut to show room inside is empty. --
-- Low angle closeup of Boy. --
» Boy steps back from the door, confused and now kind of lost.
-- Cut to front door. --
» Boy tries to open it, also locked.
-- Cut to various other doors. --
» Each one also locked.
-- Cut to front door again, from a distance. --
» Boy in charging position from a distance, runs up and tries to kick it down.
-- Cut outside front door with a thud. --
-- Distant shot of front door outside, world seems empty.  Sound of Boy pounding on door. --
Boy: (from inside) Hello?! Can someone let me out?!

Scene 2:
-- Cut to wall. --
» Boy drops down into a crouch against it, closes his eyes and sighs before regathering himself.
» Boy looks side to side again, thinking, then has an idea.
-- Closeup low angle of Boy. --
» Boy digging through his pocket and pulls out his cell phone.
» Boy looks anxious (or desparate) until he sees the phone is dead.
-- Cut to phone in Boy's hand. --
-- Cut to Boy again, at angle. --
» Boy tries to turn it on a few times, no luck.
-- Distant angle shot of Boy against wall. --
» Boy gets frustrated and throws his phone, which lands off camera.
-- Angle shot showing whole hall and Boy upclose against wall, head in hands. --

Scene 3:
» Boy mutters something to himself.  Someone says 'Are you seriously talking to yourself?' Boy gets surprised and looks around but the hallway is empty.
» He peers out the front door and sees a group of kids (Wanderers) walking down towards the hallway.  Group is clearly drinking and lots of laughing; bottle raised up in air at one point.  Boy pounds on the door but no one hears him.  Group walks right past the front door and away from the hallway as Boy watches hopelessly from the glass.
» One of the Wanderers turn around to look at the front door.  Boy is hopeful and waves, knocks, and shouts, but stops when he sees the Wanderer has no face.
» Group continues walking away until Boy can no longer see them.  Boy watches idly from inside.

Scene 4:
» Boy is leaning against the far wall one day when he glances up to notice Reaper at the other end of the hallway at the front door.  He glances again and the Reaper disappears.  Boy walks up and around curiously but no one is there.

Scene 5:
» Boy looking through his wallet, at old cards, then at a few photos.  He pauses at one photo.  Show photo, which is his family picture, to reveal that his face is missing on the photo or blurred out.
» Boy accidentally hurts himself but before he can examine his injury, he suddenly wakes up in the far end of the hallway, no injury or anything.  Everything reset.

Scene 6:
» Boy is peering out the front door, depressed.  He turns around to find Reaper standing behind him.  Reaper seems to flicker or not really be there.  Reaper raises a knife and Boy panics, running to the front door, trying to get out.  When he turns around, trapped, the Reaper is gone.

Scene 7:
» Boy injures himself again, this time less caringly.  He wakes up again in the far end of the hall.  He realizes he cannot die and tries to throw himself against the walls or smash the glass on the doors, to no avail.
» View of Janitor (not showing face, just hands or work) cleaning in one of the other rooms, hearing thumps on the wall.  Janitor pauses and glances toward the door to the hallway but doesn't make much of it.
» Boy manages to almost crack the glass.  He watches as a small break makes it's way through the glass, but he suddenly wakes up at the far end of the hall, everything reset.

Scene 8:
» Boy leaning against the far wall, getting bored, turning his dead cell phone in his hands.  He glances up to notice Reaper at the middle of the hallway.  Boy isn't scared; in fact he waves.  Reaper has no reaction.
» Boy walks up to greet Reaper but the Reaper disappears, then reappears behind him, raising a knife.  Boy tries to grab at the knife, but Reaper slashes his hand.  Boy notices his hand is bleeding and is confused.  Boy flung by unseen force to wall behind him, held there until someone screams, catching both of them off guard.  Reaper disappears.

Scene 9:
» Boy looks for source of screaming but it's not from the hallway.  He finds it's from the room at the far door.
» Cryer is inside alone, crying, face hidden in hands.  Boy knocks but no response.
» Cryer eventually comes to the door and walks through.  Boy is too shocked to try to keep the door open.  Flash of a bottle of pills or knife held in Cryer's hand.  Cryer walks right past Boy and leaves out the front door.  Boy tries to open the doors again but they're locked.  He looks out the front door and the Cryer is gone.
» Boy himself breaks down and sits against the wall, head in hands.

Scene 10:
» Reaper appears again at the opposite end of the hall.  Boy is sad, depressed, angry, and just charges at the Reaper, who shows no reaction.  Once Boy gets in close proximity, the Reaper easily slams Boy down on the ground, chokes Boy with one arm, then raises a knife with the other.  Boy struggles a bit, then reaches for Reaper's mask and tears it off.  The Reaper disappears.  Boy lies shocked.  Flashback shows the Reaper had Boy's face.

Scene 11:
» Boy leaning against wall, waiting.  Suddenly Finder strolls in and looks around for a bit.  Finder has a face.  Finder goes to a cabinet next to where Boy is leaning against and pulls out a body.  Finder checks pulse on the body and talks on a cellphone, stating that "He's okay."
» The body looks just like Boy, and Boy is too shocked, just watching as Finder drags the body out of the hallway.  Boy snaps out of it and immediately tries to follow, but the door shuts before Boy can get out.
» Boy watches from inside the hallway as Finder carrying the body away.  Outside seems more vibrant and filled with light.
» Suddenly Boy snaps awake.  He is still sitting at the far end of the hallway.  The world outside looks dead and empty.
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