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Some Random Story

January 7th, 2007 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
         This is a true story...

         So there was a short lil' guy named Bob and this tiny little  kit-cat named Tom.   Tom was hungry one day and Bob didn't have any  water.   Tom begged for food, but Bob said  no so the tiny cat scratched him.   Bob tried to call for help, but accidentally swallowed his hat.

         A huge ugly dog named Jack came along, but his real name was Bob.   Bob tried to feed the dog to Tom the lil' cat, but Jackbob tried to scare the cat.   Bob then became angry and Tom got  angry too.   Tom didn't know why he was angry  so he started chasing Bob around, but Bob was angry that Tom was angry because he was angry, so he started chasing Jackbob the dog.

         However, Bob and Tom were actually cats, so Jackbob got angry  and chased a mouse, but the mouse  was too powerful and said "Hi" and  ran him over.   However, the  mouse was not big enough to properly run Jackbob over and Jackbob went flying into a tree.

         Then a cow jumped over a frog, but it wasn't really a frog and the cow hit the wall.   The frog jumped over the cow and slapped Tom and made Tom angry again.   Bob fell off the wall and landed on the frog.   The ground shook and the cow fell off the wall too.   Tom jumped off the wall to crush them both, but the wall collapsed and  kicked Tom in the face.

         Tom tried to slap the wall, but the cow went moo and slapped Tom.   Then Jackbob fell to the ground and the tree toppled over, crushing Bob who was scratching the back of his face.   Bob fell over and crushed the cow, who in turn went  moo and  fell over  to crush  Tom.   Then Tom the kit-cat  fell over and crushed Jackbob, and the frog jumped over the spoon.

         But the frog missed and landed on the edge of the spoon, and catapulted the Jackbob-Tom-Bob-Cow mass into the heavens.   When God saw this horrifying thing rocketing into the sky and  creating a shadow over the world  however,  he said "Let there be light!" and  slapped it back down to Earth.

         They landed in a chimney and clogged it so the Three Little Pigs couldn't start a fire.   But it was Christmas Eve and Santa came to slay.   He jumped into the chimney.   However there was no room, so he got stuck and the house exploded.

         This is a true story...
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  1. Alexander said,
    Nov-24-2008, 11:12am

    I couldn’t understand the entire thing!

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