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God's Flashlight - Novelization

January 9th, 2022 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #

Opening credits with the beeping sound of someone on life support in a hospital.  Once the beeping stops and flatlines, there's a power shut-off sound, and things go dark one by one except the body on the bed, leaving a spotlight in the dark.  Everything is silent.  A glowing, formless, non-humanoid spirit rises from the body, and the body disappears into the darkness.  There's a moment of peace while the spirit looks at itself and its surroundings, like a child discovering the world for the first time.  There are faint specs of light in the darkness, like stars, as if having risen to the heavens.  It looks like a stylistic choice to only show the character in darkness, but we later realize it's not.

Suddenly, bright-white eyes appear one after another in the dark surrounding the spirit.   A green, grainy overlay appears over the scene, and a booming voice announces, "There it is.  Capture it."

Cut back to normal, non-green view.  In panic, the spirit starts trying to flee, but bright beams of light appear out of nowhere trying to trap it.  It looks like a nightmare scene out of an animation with no sense of up or down.  The music goes extremely impressionistic but also blends in with the harsh sounds and scuffling of things in the darkness trying to surround and catch the spirit.  At one point, the booming voice says, "Do not let it escape.  It will not survive."

Eventually the spirit gets past all the floating eyes and leaves them behind in the distance, where they stop as if unable to pass some hidden boundary.  The spirit seems relieved, but as it drifts forward, the darkness suddenly floods with extreme bright colors, and the spirit shrieks before disintegrating.

The colors slowly reduce in exposure until it fades to reveal the outside of a normal urban city with cars honking in the distance.


To be continued...

The next scenes focus on a gamma ray scientist working for the government.  A folder is passed at one point, showing the project is titled "God's Flashlight."  The rest of the story tracks the essay written at:

We can even incorporate special people who can see extra spectrums of light, which turns out to be a thing in real life - see:

The story starts with the scientist focused on trying to capture and study spirits, but eventually strange random bright colors start flooding the normal world as well.  The characters do not know what this is, but we recognize it from the perspective of the spirit in the opening scene.

The climax of the story is the scientist completing a giant gamma ray cannon, and pointing it to the stars.  There are a lot of blinking bright lights in the sky, but as soon as he turns it on, the bright lights become solid and start getting brighter.  Eventually a large beam rotating like a spotlight from one of the bright lights, followed by others.  Cut to the scientist's face in shock as he realizes what's about to happen.  The scene floods with bright white light, and people start disintegrating left and right.  Cut to a distant view of the Earth lit up by what looks like a harmless flashlight beam.  The camera slowly backs into the window of a distant satellite drifting off into space.  Fade to black.
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