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Invisible Body Snatchers

December 17th, 2022 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
Another dream that played out like a movie...

We start at a conference where everyone wears UV filtering glasses because the world's been infested with giant invisible insects that either eat you or bite into the back of your head to control you.  There are also smaller hand-sized ones more everywhere, but only the big ones kill and mind-control. People are actively gathering again, such as at this conference conference, because the buildings are flooded with UV light which, in conjunction with the glasses, lets you see the creatures on the walls and ceilings.  

Security is constantly killing any of the larger creatures that get close enough to the floor or crowds, keeping the creatures at bay at the upper edges of the walls.  However, people seem to not make an effort to avoid the creatures themselves, grouping up near the walls when there's a creature right above them and occasionally getting swiped.  One of the organizers we're talking to lament this, that he wouldn't be standing so close to the walls like so many other people when you can see the creatures right there crawling above them, but people seem to assume someone else will kill the creatures before anything gets close enough.  We look across the room and literally see a creature jump someone standing in a group too close to the wall, only for no one else to react and just keep chatting as if everything is fine.

A couple of us go over to a table to look up ways to go home, as it feels dangerous being here.  We pass each other sprays to kill any rogue smaller creatures that may be clinging to our clothes, but for some reason we don't see any on us or the table.  We then look around and realize we don't see any creatures at all on the walls or ceilings, which is not possible because it's always crawling with at least some.  

One of the organizers then run out from the hallways while be followed by a huge crowd.  He screams the UV flood lamps have short circuited, but people start cheering and celebrating instead.  It may be because a few people mind-controlled by creatures did so, and everyone else misinterpreted it as good news.  The couple of us left quickly cover ourselves with sheets and try to get out of the building barely able to see.  

It is chaotic because people are simultaneously cheering like they've won a sports game but at the same time there are screams in pain as individuals randomly get killed or body snatched by the creatures.  People are crowding and pushing each other both excitedly because they think everyone else is trying to get in front of the line and others in panic because they are actually trying to run for their lives.
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  1. bugmaker said,
    May-02-2023, 02:38pm

    How do you do to have such lucid dreams and remember them ?

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