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Artificial Imaginary

November 6th, 2022 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
"Imaginary friends made real through AI."  

A new AI tech company sells robots for those wanting their imaginary friends made real.  The tech breaks all limits for how human and intelligent it is with no other tech coming close, and no one can understand how it came to be.  All this comes to a halt when one user ends up dead in the most gruesome circumstance.  

The scene starts with an android child befriending a human kid until it turns sociopathic and murders the kid.  The android ends up missing and continuing to kill in new murder cases across the city.  

The AI tech firm is brought in to explain and reveals eventually that the tech is not actually intelligent, but instead using more further developed EEG/neurotech for projecting what the user already expects, their subconscious.  Essentially they took a shortcut for the illusion of intelligence instead of the actual thing, but they didn't expect how dangerous the human subconscious could be.  

More AI cases emerge with less obvious ties like the water being suddenly toxic, ghosts, or killer clowns, people's fears and phobias.  It turns out the tech company had newer evolutions of the tech, including nanotech that can shape the very surroundings, meant to be dreams made real as the next iteration. At the climax, clouds begin to rain acid, which seems world ending until it suddenly stops.  

Since the AIs are actually just a stream of the user's subconscious, the incidents end as soon as the user dies, self resolving all cases except the first, which perplexes authorities.  Was this an exception, the one machine actually to become  intelligent? The robot proves impossible to capture as it is not only super intelligent but able to upgrade itself with the nano tech from the other incidents.  

Eventually someone realizes that the person who died in the first death was not actually the user.  Instead that person actually bought the tech for a relative who has been in a coma but turns out their subconscious has been streaming into the machine this whole time.
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