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Compiling GooEngine Blender for Windows

November 12th, 2022 | Posted by pftq in Blabberbox | #
Just my own notes for building/compiling @dillongoo's GooEngine version of Blender for Windows, as it's not super straight forward and instructions are kind of scattered all over.  This is for version 3.3 of GooEngine (the latest at the time of this post).

1. Install Git for Windows (note, it's not the same as Github Desktop, which won't work!).  Make sure to check add Git to PATH option during install.
2. Install Visual Studio Community 2019 (2022 not yet compatible with GooEngine 3.3 based on this post).  Make sure to check the C++ desktop option.  I also checked C++ for Unreal just in case and because I use Unreal regularly for gamedev.
3. Install Subversion.
4. Install CMake.
5. Create a folder to put GooEngine in.  For example, c:\goo-engine-folder
6. Open command prompt with Run as Administrator option.
7. Enter: cd c:\goo-engine-folder
8. Enter: git clone
9. Enter: cd goo-engine
10. Enter: make update
11. Enter (again): make update
12. Enter: make
13. The engine is now in the build_windows_x64_vc16_Release folder, which might be outside the goo-engine folder.  Within the engine folder, go to bin > release > blender-launcher.exe to start up the custom build of Blender.

Extra: Get DillonGoo's MeshTrails as well so you have all the same tools as your disposal.

And of course, please support Dillon and his team on Patreon:
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