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Looking for a Better CD Pen

July 3rd, 2009 | Posted by pftq in Blabberbox | #

  You’d think the hard part about burning CDs or DVDs is getting the software to burn right or the disc to play back.  After spending about just 5 minutes to finish off the DVD and burn it, the part that seems to take the longest is actually labeling the disc.  The darn pen won’t work on the disc even if I just used it less than a minute ago.

Have to sacrifice one disc to scribble on and get the ink flowing before I label the other.

  Currently, I have 3 Sharpie CD pens on my desk, none of which appear to be working.  They’re of the twin-tip variety (using the fine tip so I can write more on the disc).  I know there’s ink in them because writing with the bold tips work just fine on any surface.  The worst part is the third pen just came from a fresh box, so it hasn’t been overused at all.

  I’ll probably go find another brand, but it seems like such a miniscule problem.  Normally, I’d search on Google to find out what’s a better option, but it doesn’t look like there are any reviews on a better pen (too small an issue).  You know all those tutorials about burning discs with the best brand drives and discs and software etc? They should probably add another step - the best brand pen.  All I want is a pen that works so I can write on the DVD and be done with it.  Bah!

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