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Perpetual Dreams

March 5th, 2018 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
Another story I watched play out like a movie in my dream - ironically this one about a character dreaming...

A man lives his life through many lucid dreams.  In them, he is aware he is dreaming and can pick the setting or story he wants to live in.  One thing he can't control though is that the dreams seem to randomly end and reset.  While he keeps his memories from past dreams, no one else in the dream seems to remember.  Over time, he starts noticing a person who is always in the dream.  It starts off with them just passing each other by, walking in the same direction, or other small coincidences, but eventually they end up in the same scenes or situations as well.  She ends up being the only constant between each dream, and they share many adventures together.  However, whenever he tries to talk directly with her and figure out who she is, the dream cuts off.  It doesn't help that she also always forgets everything as well, so every meeting is a first time.  Eventually, he tries to start the dream in a city with just the two of them.  They are sitting at a table outside a tall brick building as it is snowing.  He manages to actually have a conversation, which starts off pleasant at first, until he accidentally mentions things from past dreams that they both went through.  She suddenly gets wide-eyed and starts backing away, as if terrified.  Before he can ask any questions, she kills herself.  Everything is quiet.  He then starts noticing things disappearing one by one - the specks of snow on his jacket and on the ground, buildings in the background, ... until everything goes black.  Everything stays black.  He realizes suddenly that he has no memory of any life outside of these dreams, of ever waking up.  When he finally picks another setting, the dream world materializes, and he starts another life as before.
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