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Life is Like a Mountain Climb

April 22nd, 2008 | Posted by pftq in Essays | #
     Life is like a mountain climb, a quest to reach the mountain peak.  Each stopping point represents the goal one sets for himself while each climb represents the journey to achieve it.  In the beginning, life may be long and difficult, but with each successful climb comes a fulfilling rest, the satisfaction of achievement, and of course, the grand view of the world below.  Aim too high and one may be in for a hectic climb, but aim too low and one may never reach the summit, the ultimate achievement which can only be as fruitful as the quest to attain it.

     In my climb towards the summit, my goals have often centered about fields of which I am familiar, with my satisfaction being the chance to prove myself and fully exercise my potential.  By focusing my goals and opportunities, I build on what I do best, expanding my base of skills and allowing each consecutive goal to lead to the success of the next.  While I may not always reach the result I desire, I never regret each journey that I endure, for the mere pursuit often comes with its own rich and rewarding experiences.

     Along the way, I sometimes meet other fellow climbers, friends and maybe rivals.  By mere necessity and survival, we are all inclined to help one another succeed, all with objectives whether similar or not, all wanting to reach the mountain top.  Each member makes the dream so much more attainable, so much closer, the journey so much more endurable and meaningful.

     Yet, sometimes it seems impossible that everyone can fit on the same peak at once.  Sometimes it seems impossible to imagine a life without climbing once the peak has been reached.  What happens when one climbs the mountain with such care and loyalty, such energy and devotion, bringing everyone he meets with him, that when he and his companions all reach the top, the summit instead becomes a cliff, and that person, climbing so diligently, so engulfed in bringing everyone else to the top, passes right over the edge, falling back to whence he came, while his companions look on behind him, watching safely from above?
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